Weddings in Paphos

1 What services does our
wedding co-ordinator provide?

2 How do we obtain our wedding licence?

3 What happens at the Town Hall declaration appointment?

4 Do we see the wedding location / vows prior to our wedding?

5 We are having a Church Wedding, will we meet the vicar prior to the big day?

6 What happens on our wedding day?

7 What happens after the wedding ceremony?

8 What weddings extras are available in Cyprus?

What about the reception? What choices do we have?

No receptions are too grand or too modest to arrange. Some couples choose to have a simple affair with canap├ęs and champagne, others like to have a buffet / sit down meal, with an inclusive bar and waiter service. Various entertainment options can also be arranged. There are a number of excellent venues in Paphos for your wedding reception, but for pure convenience as well as some wonderfully idyllic settings, we recommend that you hold your reception within your hotel. Whether it is a 2* or 5* hotel, the management will ensure that you and guests receive a warm welcome and a first class service. Your wedding co-ordinator can assist you with all the arrangements and discuss your requirements with the hotel. We also have a recommended selection of local restaurants for you to choose from, which include traditional tavernas, Mediterranean cuisine, a la carte and beachfront locations. They all offer various menus and most offer entertainment to finish your reception in style. Your Paphos wedding co-ordinator will be able to show you menus and discuss all your requirements with you at your initial meeting and make recommendations. If you fancy something a little bit different that you could not arrange easily at home, how about chartering your own private yacht from one of the many available in Paphos harbour. These can be as simple or as extravagant as you like. The cost will vary depending on what you choose and can also include a cruise along the coastline of Paphos. Your Paphos wedding co-ordinator will be able to discuss your requirements with you and go over all the details. What better way to ensure even more fantastic memories and some excellent photographs of your special day?


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