Weddings in Paphos

1 What services does our
wedding co-ordinator provide?

2 How do we obtain our wedding licence?

3 What happens at the Town Hall declaration appointment?

4 Do we see the wedding location / vows prior to our wedding?

5 We are having a Church Wedding, will we meet the vicar prior to the big day?

> 6 What happens on our wedding day?

7 What happens after the wedding ceremony?

8 What weddings extras are available in Cyprus?

What happens on our wedding day?

Your wedding co-ordinator will be at the hotel before the wedding to ensure that all arrangements are in place and that everything is running to schedule. Your wedding
co-ordinator will also be on hand should the bride need any assistance, such as helping with dressing or fixing the veil, or dressing young bridesmaids and/or pages. The flowers will already have been delivered to the bride's room and your co-ordinator will be available to help anyone needing assistance with pinning buttonholes / corsages etc. Your
co-ordinator will then make sure that the wedding party leaves on time and will phone or visit the bride in her room to let her know when the wedding car has arrived and how long she has left to get ready before she needs to leave. The co-ordinator will then travel to the wedding location to help with the seating of the guests and making sure that the groom and best man are into position before the bride arrives. The marriage officer/minister/vicar will start the ceremony. You will be asked to exchange your vows, which you will repeat after the marriage officer/minister/vicar. The groom always takes his vows first and then the bride. You will then exchange rings, again first the groom and then the bride. Now you must sign three copies of your marriage certificate, one copy goes with you on the day, one stays at the Town Hall / Church for their records and the third copy gets sent to the Ministry of Interior in Nicosia, who will register your marriage with the British Embassy. You are now be Husband and Wife! After any photographs that you have arranged to be taken outside the venue, your wedding co-ordinator will leave you to enjoy your reception with your friends and family. Don't worry though, in the unlikely event that you have any problems with your reception, your co-ordinator will be just a phone call away.


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