Weddings in Paphos

1 What services does our
wedding co-ordinator provide?

2 How do we obtain our wedding licence?

3 What happens at the Town Hall declaration appointment?

4 Do we see the wedding location / vows prior to our wedding?

5 We are having a Church Wedding, will we meet the vicar prior to the big day?

6 What happens on our wedding day?

7 What happens after the wedding ceremony?

>8 What weddings extras are available in Cyprus?

What weddings extras are available in Cyprus?

We have compiled an impressive list of wedding extras, all of which are detailed in our downloadable wedding booklet. You can be confident that the suppliers we use have been selected for their expertise, professionalism, excellent customer service and competitive prices. You do not have to worry about collecting flowers or cakes, as these will all be delivered to your hotel and/or reception venue. You do not have to worry about the transport not turning up on time or the photographer knowing where your wedding is, as your Paphos wedding co-ordinator will personally ensure that they are given all the relevant information to make your day run seamlessly to schedule.

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