Weddings in Paphos

1 What services does our
wedding co-ordinator provide?

2 How do we obtain our wedding licence?

3 What happens at the Town Hall declaration appointment?

4 Do we see the wedding location / vows prior to our wedding?

5 We are having a Church Wedding, will we meet the vicar prior to the big day?

6 What happens on our wedding day?

7 What happens after the wedding ceremony?

8 What weddings extras are available in Cyprus?

What photography options are available?

Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your lives so you'll want to capture your memories on film and relive the experience for many years to come. We can arrange for a professional photographer to meet you at your chosen wedding venue and take photographs before, during and after the ceremony. If you book a photography package that includes your hotel wedding reception, photographs will be taken in the hotel garden area, followed by your champagne toast and the cutting of the cake. If you are holding your reception in an alternative venue, such as on a private yacht, your chosen photographery package will include their services for the entire duration of the reception. The photographer will take more prints than you have ordered so that you may select your own personal favourites for your album. The photographer will follow a set programme of photography, but if there are any specific pictures that you would like taken on the day, ie, with certain friends or family, or in a favourite location, please do not hesitate to ask. The photographers are very flexible and happy to accommodate your wishes - after all, it's your day and your memories that you'll want to cherish forever.

The photographer will arrange to meet you the day after the wedding to show you the proofs. From these proofs you will need to select the chosen quantity booked in your package and these will be enlarged for your wedding album. If you require any additional photographs apart from the ones arranged, or enlargements, then this can be arranged directly with the photographer. You will also be given the option to buy all the proofs and / or CD. The proofs will be left with you for a day or two, then the photographer will collect the order, make it up and will then deliver your photographs and album back to your hotel so you can make up the album to suit your preferences. The photographs will be delivered to you before you leave, however at busy times it could be late in the evening the night before you go home. You are certain to take home some fantastic photographs, which will make your big day even more memorable.


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